Glow in the Dark Headphones – Christmas Present Ideas

Have you guys seen this?  There is a glow in the dark headphones with microphone built in.  I’ve seen a lot of ear buds with led light making it glow, but I haven’t really seen a glow in the dark – kind of like that stars that we used to put on ceilings – headphones yet.

This looks like it’ll be a cool gift for kids and adults who’d like to have some fun.  I showed this to my son and he immediately asked for one.  Of course he went and told my 4 year old daughter and now she wants one too.  Geez.  She wants the Pink Headphones.  There are two colors currently, but I imaging if they become popular they’ll be adding more colors too.

Anyway, I love shopping from amazon, cuz it’s so much easier than any other methods.  Shopping malls are just too crowded when I go recently, so for now I’m sticking with what I find it on amazon.  So, I was browsing around and that’s how it was found.  Bryte Gear is the company name.

Looks like people are already buying it for their kids and liking it, so I might just try.  Too bad once I buy one, all the other kids are going to want it too.  Hopefully they will run some holiday specials!  That will be awesome.  I thought I saw a special promotion somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.  Here is their facebook page, in case anyone is interested in it.

Good luck with holiday shopping.  Personally that is one of the hardest things that I have to do each year.  Just trying to think what would be the best option for each person that we are getting the gift for is a challenge.  If they are old friend then you usually have an idea, but at the same time they already have what they want.  And if you are getting someone that you recently got to know, then it’s pretty much a guessing game.  So, that’s why I get excited when there is a new product that comes out that’s unique.

Merry Christmas!