What is SEO? Is Search Engine Optimization All About Content?

More often than not, building a winning online brand requires high viewership on search engines so that huge traffic can be generated. It is from this traffic that loyal customers will be acquired from, who will eventually make the business or website a big brand or otherwise.
So what is SEO?  Search engine optimization in full refers to the optimization of web content so that it is well visible by search engines as internet users seek information online. Among other things, this visibility is used by search engines to rank sites. It also determines to a larger percentage, how much traffic your website receives. But as much as one has to mention the word content every time they answer the question of “what is SEO?” it is not always about just content. Here are a number of other things to consider, if you want to make the most out of your search engine marketing efforts.

The aspect of site compatibility

The design of your website matters a lot. Especially in this day and age where every internet user wants to access the internet via their favorite web browser, access from mobile device and such, your website should be designed to be compatible with most if not all of these devices and browsers without compromising on the quality of content. Otherwise, it will be to your disadvantage to your business if you put all your effort in optimizing content, yet some of your audience cannot access your website.

The site’s usability

It takes just a few seconds for an internet user to decide whether to stay on your site or not. The first thing they look at is the layouts and themes. If they are not welcoming enough, the user is more likely to bounce off. Website optimization makes it is easy to navigate through the various sectors and pages of a website. The loading speed and time are also determinants of a site’s usability.

Value and timing

It is quite important to maintain and retain the customers you attain through SEO efforts. This can be achieved by being consistent in providing value and keeping the site up to date. Even as you update content regularly, it is good that you also be at par with current technological developments, including upgrading your site with newly developed features as they become available. Upgrades should not compromise on business, though.

What is SEO audit?

Another important part of SEO marketing is the analysis and SEO audit part. Tracking your website performance and analyzing some important metrics such as the time spent on your site by a particular visitor, the pages they viewed, where they accessed your site from, and such other information as the number of daily visitors are important in decision making. This can be done by SEO software, web analytics being one of them.  The best way to do it, however, will be done by an SEO professional in Hawaii to review the site.

Here is a video from Google Webmasters about mobile optimization